Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Naup Waup's Dunkeld Opening

NAUP WAUP at OTR from Trevor Flinn on Vimeo.

The first weekend in April saw the long awaited opening of Naup Waup's first exhibition at Off the Rails Gallery; the culmination of 12 years of research work with a remote tribal community called Pariet Amam.

"My art is a personal reflection of a journey defining myself, who I am as a male, a black indigenous tribal person from the remote Amam tribe of Papua New Ginea. I intend to make my art be a tool and venue for creating discorse and sharing of ideas and creating bridges between the oral world to the digital and the printed society.Creating paintings and drawing images is a way of sharing my soul searching story and knowledge in defining my place, history and my rich cultural heritage."
Naup Waup, April 2010.

Naup's ongoing research project is called "Pariet Project"; a social-cultural mapping and community empowering Project initiated with the intention to empower remote and marginalised tribal communities.

Visitors to the exhibition had the opportunity to hear Naup speak about both his art practice and his ongoing project work. Naup was accompanied by his wife and three children, during his stay in Dunkeld, who all assisted with making the show a great success.

"Prophecy", goldleaf, ink on paper, Naup Waup, 2010

"Free Spirit Dancer" and "The Keeper", Naup Waup, 2010

"Seven Heads", ink on watercolour paper, Naup Waup, 2010

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