Sunday, June 20, 2010


Visitors to OTR Gallery over the Queen's Birthday weekend had the opportunity to see an array of new and exciting artworks by local artists.

Anne Fleming showed four recent paintings, which all depicted lone figures, lost in the Australian landscape. Her latest tiny painting of a figure on a park bench was created by Ann during a recent trip to Western Australia and is particularly evocative.

Pru Saimoun displayed numerous two and three dimensional paper sculptures, created using found and recycled materials, with a focus on natural, plant materials and traditional paper making processes. Her site specific installation utilised text as a means of navigating through the works.

Judy Warne unvelied the latest addition to her 'rabbit series'. The half life size, hessian covered, rabbit figure is burdened by a faggot of sticks, and lurches forward, frozen mid-journey. A dynamic and evocative piece.

Jan Leishman displayed more pieces of her massive woven tapestry, which is slowly gathering shape. This colourful and beautifully designed work is a response to the intriguing life cycle of the tiny, indigenous, (and critically endangered) Golden Sun Moth.

Keith Arnold created an amazing, interactive sound work (titled: '3,5,7..') that was designed to involve the visitor in an auditory journey into the unknown. The visitor had the rare treat of participating in a kind of musical experiment, that resulted in the creation of a bizarre, and quite eerie, ever-changing soundtrack...

.... perfectly complementing Trevor Flinn's latest sculpture; a recreation of Brion Gyson's infamous Dreamachine. The Dreamachine is quite simply a stroboscopic flicker device, designed to produce visual stimuli- thus sending the viewer on a kind of inner journey.

T, 2010

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